How to find missing persons at Imam Reza holy shrine?

Wednesday , 07/14/2021 - 16:55
The general directorate of Imam Reza holy shrine administers seven offices to take care of missing and found persons’ affairs. This is for the pilgrims to easily find someone who is missing in the one-million-square-meter holy shrine packed with pilgrims.

The missing and found persons’ offices, which are located in the courtyards of Enqelab, Azadi, Kowsar, the Holy Prophet, Gowharshad Mosque, Dar al-Hojjah portico, and Sheikh Tousi entrance, are systematically interconnected.
The services offered in these offices are as follows:
If someone is missing, report it to one of the offices, provide personal information of the person and the holy shrine servants will look for the missing individual.
In addition, those who are not able to find their companions or the address to their hotel can go to the offices and register their personal information. The servants will do their utmost to reach their companions if there is a phone number, and will properly take care of the found persons until the companions show up.