Hazrat Masoumeh (S.A.); from Medina to Qum
Monday , 12/21/2015 - 12:26
Hazrat Masoumeh
From the children of the seventh Imam Hazrat Fatimah Ma'soumeh (S.A.) bint Musa ibn Jafar (AS) has a special position after Imam Reza (AS).
Due to her faith, virtuousness and training under the guardianship of Imamate, she reached such a position that the Ma’soum (Imam) gave her the title of Ma'soumeh (S.A.) (infallible), and because of her worship and abstemiousness she acquired the status of intercession.
This is why the most learned scholars, the greatest Maraje', and the real Gnostics are humbly standing at her holy shrine saying:
Oh Fatimah intercede for us in heaven since you have reached a dignified status from a high rank with Allah.
There is a tradition that states out of the eight gates of heaven, one will open towards Qum and due to her intercession all Shia’s will go to heaven. Her eighteen years of life was spent with suffering and difficulties.

Visitors entitles to Heaven
In tradition it is excessively mentioned that whoever visits (does ziyarat of) Hazrat Ma'soumeh (S.A.), heaven is incumbent upon that person and this position is obtained by her after the fourteen Ma'soumeen (A.S.) (Imams).

Imam Reza (A.S.) has said:
Whoever visits her (does her ziyarat) acknowledging her right, is entitled to heaven.
In Kamil al-ziyarah it is quoted form Imam Ridha (AS)
Whoever does the ziyarat of Ma'soomah in Qum it is as though he/she has done my ziyarat

Majlisi quoted in Bihar:
Whoever visits Ma'soumeh (S.A.) it is as though he/she has visited me. It is equal to heaven
Heaven Ahlulbait.

Hazrat Ma'soumeh used to live in Medina. When Ma'moon Abbas summoned Imam Reza (A.S.) to Khorasan , she found this separation heavy to bear. After one year she left for Khorasan in order to see her brother. When they reached Saveh, which is in south of Qum, she felt ill. Musa ibn Khazray took this dignified lady to their home. Ma'soumeh (S.A.) passed seven days in Qum suffering from illness until finally she departed from the transient abode on the 10th of Rabi al-Thanni.
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