The Makkah Society
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مکه مکرمه
The society at obscure Makkah where Prophet Muhammad [s] opened his
eyes, was rife with vices and oppression. It was as barren as the
harsh Arabian landscape, with declining morals, rising perversion,
ignorance and poverty. Like the rest of Arabia it was polytheist in
nature, deeply engrossed in the worship of a multitude of idols.
The Makkan society roughly speaking was divided into three classes as follows:
1.The Arrogant Wealthy:
In their hands was vested the wealth, authority and leadership of
Makkah, and it was this class which vehemently opposed the Messenger
of Allah and his call to Islam. They terrorised and forbade people
from believing him, for fear of losing their unjust hegemony over
Makkah. To this class belonged Abu Jahal, Abu Sufyan, Abu Lahab, Walid
bin Mughira, Uqba bin Abi Moayyit, Aas bin Wael Sahm and others, who
had built up large fortunes by oppression and foul means.
2. The Deprived (slaves and the oppressed):
This class was composed of the downtrodden like Ammar and his parents
Yaser and Sumaiyya, Bilal the Abyssinian, Suhaib the Roman, Khabbab
bin Arat etc., who all eagerly hastened towards the call of Islam,
because they found it to be the truth and a way of deliverance from
oppression, slavery and disbelief.
3. The General Public:
These were neither part of the landed oligarchy nor were subjected to
slavery. They could well be termed the middle class. Affiliated to
their respective tribal chiefs or clan heads they blindly followed the
path chosen by their leaders.
Thus since the Islamic Da'wah (call) strives for justice and equality
among the human race, removing the artificial barriers of class set up
by 'Jahiliyyah', the tyrants and oppressors did all they could to stop
its eventual spread. Sensing that its Monotheist message, preaching
submission to the One and Only Creator and forsaking the worship of
idols and man-made images, would bring an end to their domination over
Makkah, the pagan Quraish, decided to gang up against Prophet Muhammad

Birth and Ancestry
Muhammad [s] was born at Makkah in the year 570 AC. known in the
annals of Arabian history as the 'Year of the Elephant' because of a
miraculous event. That year Abraha the Christian governor of the
Abyssinian King, who had already subdued Yemen, marched upon Makkah
with a huge army of elephants. His intention was to destroy the Ka'aba
and shift the centre of pilgrimage to San'aa, where he had built an
imposing church. But the very moment Abraha's awesome army was poised
for the attack, the Almighty sent a swarm of flying creatures, who
blackened the sky pelting the mighty force with pebbles, and within
minutes destroyed elephants and warriors alike. Thus Almighty Allah
humbled the arrogantly ignorant by means of an obscure creature.
Muhammad [s] was born on the eve of 17th of the lunar month of
Rabi-ul-awwal and according to some versions on the 12th of the same
month. His father was Abdullah the son of Abdul Muttalib the son of
Hashim and his mother, Amina, was the daughter of Wahab. His
grandfather Abdul Muttalib had many wives and children, out of whom
Abdullah and Abu Talib were from the same mother. Thus Prophet
Muhammad [s] was a scion of the noble Bani Hashim clan a sub-division
of the large Quraish tribe, descended from Prophet Ishmael [a] the
elder son of Prophet Abraham [a].
He was a posthumous child, as his father Abdullah had died three
months before his birth, while on a visit to Yathrib (Madina). The
birth of the orphan turned the grief of the bereaved family into
unbounded joy, and none were more happy than his mother, Amina and
grandfather Abdul Muttalib, who were in a state of shock at Abdullah's
untimely death. The family burst into happiness, slaughtering sheep
and throwing a grand banquet for the Quraish, to celebrate the
auspicious occasion. Makkah overflowed with joy as throngs of people
flocked to Abdul Muttalib's house to congratulate him on the birth of
his grandchild.
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