AQR holds conference on “Polytheism in Quran Considering ISIS Intellectual Roots”
Sunday , 01/19/2020 - 04:20
Astan Quds Razavi’s Islamic Research Foundation has held a conference entitled “Polytheism in Quran Considering ISIS Intellectual Roots” hosting a group of salient researchers.

Addressing the participants at this conference, Hoj. Mohammad Hassan Momenzadeh head of Quranic Studies Department at Islamic Research Foundation of Astan Quds Razavi said: “One of the valuable acts conducted at center’s Quranic Studies Department has been publication of a book titled Al-Mu’jam fi Fiqh Loghat ul-Quran va Sirr al-Balaghah (Lexicon in the Jurisprudence of the Language of Quran and Mystery of Its Rhetoric)”.
Momenzadeh added: “As the title shows, the book - in four chapters - includes Quranic terms, singulars, and eloquences. It discusses Quran’s words with three lexical, rhetoric, and interpretive approaches in an alphabetical order and also eyes semantic evolutions of each Quranic term from the viewpoints of Islamic scholars.”
According to him, chapter one has gathered all existent lexical texts related to Quranic terms since the first century AH. “The term polytheism appears in 143 verses of the holy book, attributing to religion, worshiping, beliefs, attributes and acts.”
Elsewhere in his remarks, Momenzadeh denounced Wahhabi approach to prayers and supplications, saying: “One of Quran’s orders related to polytheism is freeing Islamic societies from polytheists, forbidding marriages with them and recommending fight against them”.  
He further noted that Wahhabism and its offshoots such as ISIS and Takfiri outfits have a misunderstanding of verse 36 of Surah Tobah, which recommends fight with all polytheists. “There are seven verses in Quran in which polytheists are put before followers of the book (those believing in Christianity, Judaism and Zoroastrianism); polytheists are different from this group of believers, however. Takfiris do not have a right understanding of the Quranic verses”.


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