Behnashr of AQR releases “Imam Reza, Ma'mun and Succession”
Tuesday , 02/04/2020 - 02:04
Astan Quds Razavi’s Behnashr Publications has released the book of “Imam Reza, al-Ma'mun and Succession”.

Talking about most honorable developments of Shia history during Imam Reza’s (AS) leadership, the book, written by Seyyed Ghani Eftekhari, explains political, social, and cultural difficulties Imam Reza (AS) faced during Harun al-Rashid and Ma’mun caliphates.
The book provides the reader with an introduction of Abbasid caliphate and social and political situations of Shia Imams (AS) then.
The six-chapter book talks about Ma’mun’s behavior with Imam Reza (AS) and the supporting grounds accelerating Abbasid policies as well.  
Relying on historical sources of various kinds, Eftekhari’s book has tried to analyze Ma’mun’s policy toward Imam Reza (AS) and his followers.  
Some questions the author has tried to answer include: Why Ma’mun followed alligator policy in his relations with Shia people and Imam Reza (AS)? Was Ma’mun’s interest in Alawis a mere strategy to way out society’s problems or was it an issue of heart belief? Did Ma’mun’s tendency toward Alawis and their movements in Medina, Kufa, and Hijaz force the caliphate to follow a new order and to show his real nature after being finished with threats?
The introduction of the book reads: “In contrary to the previous caliphs’ policies, Ma’mun introduced himself as an Alawi Muslim and showed lots of respect to Imam Reza (AS). He believed that the leadership of the society must be given to an Alawi more competent than himself. Imam Reza (AS) was doubtful about Ma’mun’s policies since the very beginning, however. Imam Reza (AS) thwarted all Ma’mun’s evil plots by his enlightening speeches in scientific and political gatherings, his Fitr feast programs in Marv, and through Silsilat al-Zahab tradition”.


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