Bangladeshi cultural activists visit Khatun Garden Camp
Monday , 02/24/2020 - 08:39
Hosted by the Astan Quds Razavi Center for Women and Family Affairs, a 7-member group of Bangladeshi female Shia and cultural activists have paid a visit to Khatun Garden Camp to become closely acquainted with cultural and educative activities of the specialized center for cultural, social and educational innovations of women in Mashhad.

On the sidelines of the visit, Selina Parvin, the head of the Al-Zahra Institute in Bangladesh, admired AQR’s enormous capacity in various cultural, educational, economic, social and other areas, yet called paying attention to the cultural demands of women in special environment set for cultural activities of women, a chiefly valuable act.
While expressing satisfaction over the visit she said, “Creating a place like Khatun Garden Camp by this sacred establishment to provide services to women can be used as a successful model for serving women in other countries.”
“We are keen to take advantage of the AQR enormous capacity to send a number of Bangladeshi female cultural activists to Mashhad to be trained in cultural fields in Khatun Garden Camp to help us provide similar services for women in our own country,” she noted.
She stated that AQR’s cultural activities are good opportunities to publicize the Islamic culture.
Following the visit, Masoumeh Baedi, the official in charge of Khatun Garden Camp, briefed the group on the activities of the establishment.
Khatun Garden Camp is a specialized center for women’s cultural, social and educational innovations and it is affiliated with AQR Center for Women and Family Affairs, the bulk of activities of which are in line with entrepreneurship, cultural, educational and social innovations for women and families.

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