Serving people, Iran’s scientific development AQR’s economic approach: Chief custodian
Tuesday , 02/25/2020 - 05:29
Serving people, Iran’s scientific development AQR’s economic approach: Chief custodian
Astan Quds Razavi has focused on rendering services to the people and helping the country’s scientific development as AQR’s main approach in economic field, says chief custodian Hoj. Ahmad Marvi.

Addressing a group of researchers and health activists at a ceremony unveiling new products of Samen Pharmaceutical Company, Marvi said: “This unveiling ceremony is another manifestation of country’s innovation, creativity and resistant economy”.  
Referring to the emphasis Islam has put on the development of science, he went on to say: “Islam demolished all symbols and criteria of the age of ignorance and replaced them with knowledge and piety; the great Islamic civilization was formed, therefore”.
AQR’s chief custodian further noted: “The private sector always looks for more profit; however, AQR and other revolutionary as well as governmental bodies have to provide country and people’s interests as a high priority”.
“We should not be a competitor for the private sector; we have to enter into those areas in which private sector cannot. If the private sector wants to get into our production area, we must open a way for them”, Marvi observed.
Pointing to AQR’s policy in supporting knowledge-based companies Marvi reiterated: “Acts with scientific base will be eternal; AQR follows scientific approach in all its activities, therefore. Serving people and employing young scientists are main priorities of the organization”.
Referring to the public concerns over epidemic diseases, he stressed: “Regarding current situation of the country, I’ve ordered AQR’s pharmaceuticals to produce disinfectant liquids twenty four seven. AQR will distribute disinfectants among the public for free. AQR and its pharmaceutical affiliations have changed sanctions into opportunities”.
According to him, using all its capacities and taking advantages of knowledge, innovation, and creativity, AQR follows its activities with a human perspective so that it could be a model for other organizations.


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