Samen Pharmaceutical Co. launches 30k LPD disinfectant production line
Wednesday , 03/04/2020 - 12:20
Samen Pharmaceutical Co. launches 30k LPD disinfectant production line
Astan Quds Razavi’s Samen Pharmaceutical Company has launched a disinfectant production line with a capacity of 30 thousand liters per day to meet the market demands and to help the country with its national campaign against coronavirus, says Majid Tabasi the CEO of Samen Pharmaceutical Co.

Referring to sudden outbreak of the epidemic in the country, Tabasi said: “When country’s lack of disinfectants was felt, Hoj. Marvi the chief custodian of Astan Quds Razavi issued an order to launch a special production line at Samen to compensate country’s shortage of the liquids”.  
He went on to say: “Samen Pharmaceutical Company is able to produce two different types of disinfectants to fight the virus. These products have been produced based on the World Health Organization’s protocols and with least possible side effects”. 
Tabasi added: “One type of the two is used for skin cleansing and the other is used for cleaning surfaces with softening feature for the first and anti-virus and anti-bacteria feature for the latter. Production of these disinfectants in various quantities and free distribution of them among public and medical centers will be accelerated if the Health Ministry’s related branches provide the company with its necessary ethanol”. 
Samen’s CEO pointed to high demand of people and organizations to these products in recent days, saying the company has made demands for ethanol to the bodies in charge and AQR has announced its readiness for extensive production of these products from next week.
Tabasi concluded his remarks by saying that Samen has not considered profitability since the beginning of the calamity; rather, it has been doing its best to produce disinfectants with world standards and least amount of side effects.

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