AQR announces Nowruz programs of Imam Reza (AS) Holy Shrine
Thursday , 03/12/2020 - 18:36
Astan Quds Razavi has released a statement on the measures taken to hold the New Year programs.

The announcement is as follows:
In the name of God, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate

Along with greetings and best wishes to the noble people of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the devotees of the Infallible Imams (AS) across the world, in keeping with the recommendations of health officials and experts in preventing gatherings, while apologizing to dear pilgrims, AQR announces that Nowruz and Sha’baniyeh special celebrations will be held remotely and through cyberspace.
AQR, in collaboration with the National Broadcasting and various media outlets and cyberspace, intends to provide a platform for pilgrims to enjoy the pilgrimage of the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS) in live programs remotely.
God willing, by relying on the Almighty God, resorting to the Infallible Imams and the dignity of the Eighth Imam and exercising hygiene instructions, honorable nation of Iran will gain health and well-being as soon as possible and the servants of the holy shrine will serve the pilgrims and neighbors again better than ever.

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