AQR cotton thread production line goes on stream in year of “Production Leap”
Saturday , 05/02/2020 - 20:08
Not long into the year of “Production Leap” designated by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei, Khosravi Spinning and Textile Company (commercially known as Nasaji Khosravi, affiliated to Astan Quds Razavi) has put on stream a production line of fine and combed cotton threads.

The factory has made the production line operational in support of the domestic manufacturing sector and in line with the practical steps toward the so-called resistance economy. It took two years for the company to create the production line of fine and combed cotton thread on a land area as large as 10k square meters. Combing makes the straightened fibers lie together more tightly, making it less likely to fray and unravel.
Speaking to reporters, Hoj. Marvi the chief custodian of Astan Quds Razavi, said agricultural and pharmaceutical companies affiliated to AQR made good performance in line with observing Leader’s recommendations on promotion of domestic manufacturing sector. “This year, designated as ‘Production Leap’ by the Leader, we began an all-out move toward domestic production leap but it failed to yield expected results due to the coronavirus pandemic.”  
According to him, various agricultural, industrial and pharmaceutical units under AQR are now determined to make their production strategy realized once the pandemic is controlled.
Underscoring AQR support of the private sector, Marvi said generating jobs and supporting private sector were atop the organization’s programs. “We will risk entering areas that private sector is unable to. This is to open up opportunities for private sector to enter. Once they enter the risky areas after our preparations, AQR will leave. As the Leader once said, state-run institutions and corporations are no rivals to the private sector, and they are just facilitators for private sector companies and producers.”
Elsewhere, he said boosting employment was the most important strategy of AQR, adding: “AQR eyes generating more and more jobs, not raising income only. This has been implemented well in the agricultural sector, thanks to the bright performance of the AQR agro-industries.”

Saving 7m Euro for country

The new fine and combed cotton thread production line will save the country seven million Euro as it will meet a good portion of domestic demands, said Ali Fadishei, the managing director of Khosravi Spinning and Textile Company.
“Fine and combed cotton thread production is a priority at the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade,” stated Fadishei adding that the product will not be imported as far as it is produced domestically.
Claiming that only five companies in Iran produce fine and combed cotton thread, he said: “Nasaji Khosravi is one of the oldest and profitable companies in Iran, thanks to the development plans we implement each year.”
The company, established in 1924, has employed 460 people. The new production line will increase the capacity of cotton thread production by 54 percent in the country.    


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