Five emergency medical centers ready in holy shrine: AQR official
Wednesday , 05/27/2020 - 9:19
Five emergency medical centers are ready to give free services to the pilgrims and visitors at Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine concurrent with reopening of the complex after easing restrictions caused by the virus, says Hasan Akhawan Mahdavi head of Astan Quds Razavi’s Medical Institute.

Mahdavi said: “These fixed bases give twenty-four hour services to the emergency patients at Razavi, Jomhuri Islami, Inqelab Islami, Azadi, and Imam Hasan Mojtaba (AS) Courtyards.
Referring to the facilities of one of these bases located in Imam Hasan Mojtaba Courtyard, he said: “This medical base is among the most equipped ones enjoying active participation of Razavi health servants and separate parts for men and women”.   
AQR’s head of Medical Institute pointed to the deployment of two ambulances to sacred premises of the complex and added: “Number of personnel at Imam Reza (AS) Dar al-Shifa has also increased in a way that the center is now able to serve all people including Mashhadi citizens and pilgrims of Imam Reza (AS)”.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Mahdavi referred to the activities of laboratory, radiology, hemodialysis, and chemotherapy wards of Dar al-Shifa and said: “Pediatricians, internists, dermatologists, and cardiologists are among the specialists giving service to the people at this center”.
AQR official noted that the Dar al-Shifa and holy shrine’s emergency bases are all doing according to the procedures of Ministry of Health and Medical Education and Mashhad’s University of Medical Sciences adding, “Ambulances of the holy shrine can take patients to the hospitals of the city in case of needing complementary services”.
Head of AQR’s Medical Institute concluded his remarks saying: “The institute is ready to add to the number of emergency medical centers of the holy shrine if become necessary”.


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