AQR restores treasures of art, architecture of holy shrine during quarantine period
Monday , 06/01/2020 - 12:34
AQR restores treasures of art, architecture of holy shrine during quarantine period
The closure of Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine due to the outbreak of the coronavirus gave a chance to Astan Quds Razavi to implement some construction and renovation projects such as repair and restoration of art and architectural treasures.

“Simultaneously with the announcement of the National Anti-Corona Headquarters regarding the ban on pilgrims’ frequentation in the holy shrine, a valuable opportunity was provided to rehabilitate, renovate and repair different parts to better receive the pilgrims,” the head of AQR Sacred Places and Pilgrimage Affairs Department said.
Mostafa Feyzi added: “Our colleagues dealing with restoration, repair, installation, reconstruction and disinfection of sacred places, and various sections along with the colleagues from the Technical and Maintenance Organization of the holy shrine did their best to facilitate pilgrimage.”
Among the projects finished he mentioned repair and polishing of silver doors of the holy mausoleum, repair and replacement of broken and damaged stones in some porticos, restoration of tile works of the mausoleum and holy porticos of Dar al-Fayz, Dar al-Shukr, Dar al-Siyadah, and Hatamkhani, restoration of broken golden bricks of Azadi and Islamic Revolution porticos and the replacement of damaged mirrors.
Installation of new chandeliers at golden porticos of Azadi and the Islamic Revolution, construction and installation of doors in Tohidkhani portico, development and improvement of the sound system, CCTV cameras and lights, transfer of optical fiber to the mausoleum for the broadcast of the dusting ceremony and installation of the second sound system of the Dar al-Hifaz portico were other projects finished.
“Until the end of the eradication of the coronavirus, the holy mausoleum, porticos, courtyards and sanctuaries are constantly being disinfected in order to assure a safe and healthy pilgrimage for the pilgrims and the neighbors of the holy shrine,” he remarked.


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