Razavi Hospital is brilliant gem of medical services in Mashhad
Saturday , 06/20/2020 - 14:50
Razavi Hospital’s great services have changed it into a brilliant gem in medical sector in Mashhad, said Dr. Shahpour Badiee Aval deputy medical affairs of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences says.

On the sideline of a meeting for exchanging experiences in the fight against coronavirus, participated by Razavi Hospital’s CEO, Dr. Badiee Aval said: “As the special representative of Iran’s religious premises, Astan Quds Razavi has always been a source of blessing and its Razavi Hospital is respected by the whole therapeutic centers in the city”.  
Badiee Aval added: “In addition to its high tech treatment atmosphere and high level services, Razavi Hospital enjoys a very spiritual status which is really valuable”. 
Appreciating AQR particularly Razavi Hospital for the cooperation during coronavirus outbreak, Dr. Badiee stressed: “Razavi Hospital received and discharged COVID-19 patients with governmental tariffs and provided them with many various service of great value.” 
Referring to the popular spirit of Razavi Hospital’s staff, Badiee said: “With respect to the transfer of some patients such as those suffering from strokes to this hospital during the pandemic, some negotiations have been started for continuation of bilateral cooperation”.
Dr. Badiee reminded: “Effective presence and excellent cooperation of charity, private, and military hospitals of the city with Mashhad’s University of Medical Sciences were crystal clear to everyone and we all do know that whoever does anything for a patient is considered as a member of Mashhad’s medical therapy family and he has had the success to render services to the people of Mashhad and pilgrims of Imam Reza (AS). Such acts will have spiritual rewards as well”. 

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