AQR should alleviate civil and country problems
Saturday , 06/20/2020 - 17:00
The assets and authority of Astan Quds Razavi should be spent on alleviating problems of the people and the country,” said Mostafa Khaksar Qahroudi, the AQR deputy custodian in the presence of the council of deputies and managers of Karamat Foundation and Razavi Endowment Productivity Foundation.

“The integration that has taken place in specialized areas should lead to better performance, better results and ultimately better productivity and the establishment’s managers should have a codified plan to do this. No problems or shortcomings should prevent us from getting the job done right,” he said.
According to him, in the course of reforming the organizational structure, efforts were made to make the departments and units work in as a cohesive and independent body, and this reduction of distances in structural literature and culture will lead to increased productivity.
Pointing to high public expectations he said, “We expect reaping desired results in service rendering and education, i.e. an increase in the satisfaction of the pilgrims and the people.”
Referring to the effectiveness of social services, he added, “Increasing the trust and public assets of AQR is the result of efforts for job creation, eliminating deprivation and social services and the duty of other departments of the organization is constructive interaction and supporting these areas to build a better environment.”
He then pointed to the emphasis of the AQR chief custodian over proper use of the AQR assets, “The output of companies and economic institutions should be commensurate with this volume of investment, and attention to quantity and quality. The manner of management and use of human capital must also be in a way to achieve the intended results.”
Khaksar Qahroudi, elsewhere in his speech, pointed to the Leader’s concerns expressed in the recent decrees appointing the AQR custodians, where he stressed protecting the extensive and rich endowments and reorganizing economic and service enterprises. “In his view, this spiritual establishment should be a model for the Islamic country and the Islamic world, and we should try to follow the expectations and strategies expressed by the wise Leader of the revolution with proper management.”
“Transparency and accountability are also some of the things that AQR considers itself obliged to observe, because the most important asset of this establishment is the trust of the religious people of Islamic Iran,” he added.
He stressed that entering the knowledge-based areas which solve the basic and infrastructural problems of the country, and avoiding the normal and ordinary things that other parts of the country are able to get them done, are among the issues that the Endowment Productivity Foundation ought to pay attention to.
“Productivity, financing and creating a stable income for AQR are some of the things that if we want to see the fulfillment of the demands of the Revolution’s Leader and the growth and excellence of the whole establishment, we must plan for it,” he remarked.
In the end, he expressed hope that thanks to the high attitude and good spirit in Astan Quds Razavi entire establishment, it will be able to gain the satisfaction of Imam Reza (AS), the Revolution’s Leader and the honorable people of Iran.
Mohammad Hossein Ostad Agha, the CEO of Karamat Razavi Foundation, and Malek Rahmati, the CEO of AQR Endowment Productivity Foundation, in meetings held separately with AQR deputy custodian also presented a report on the measures taken to increase the productivity, and the synergy of departments to achieve the lofty goals of the organization.