AQR’s announces key programs for Karamat ten-day celebrations
Sunday , 06/21/2020 - 14:20
AQR’s announces key programs for Karamat ten-day celebrations
The director of Astan Quds Razavi’s Karamat Razavi Foundation has announced special programs of its seven affiliations for this year’s Karamat ten-day celebrations.

These seven affiliations include Deputy Office for Social Services, Razavi Service Centers, Family Center, Consultation Center, Youths Institute, Physical Education Institute, and Pilgrims’ Endowment Institute. 
Speaking on the verge of Karamat ten-day celebrations, Mohammad Hossein Ostad Agha said: “During the birth anniversary of Imam Reza (AS), AQR has to be the flag carrier of pivotal programs provisioned on the occasion of these celebrations. Therefore, Karamat Razavi Foundation has planned cooperation with other centers and institutions involved.”
He added: “The foundation will appreciate families of martyrs of health sector by sending “In the Shade of the Sun” caravans to the houses of these martyrs”.
Announcing main programs of AQR’s Youths Institute for the ten-day celebrations, Ostad Agha said: “Holding popular celebration programs of “In the Shade of the Sun” including season of kindness, current of life, divine beloved ones, caravan of love, gracious companion, and in the observance of politeness and calmness are among main programs of this Institute”.
According to the director, appreciating committed experts who gave consultations during the fight against Covid-19 and giving free of charge consultation services in provinces’ centers are two main programs of AQR’s Consultation Center during the ten-day celebrations”. 
Ostad Agha stated: “Appreciating women entrepreneurs, taking advantage of servants of martyrs’ families and introducing Razavi lifestyle are among the special programs to be offered by the Family and Women Center of the organization”. 
Conferring 4500 fair loans of 50-million-Rial value to support poor couples in deprived areas of the country, deploying eight Jihadi groups offering health services to the marginal neighborhoods in Mashhad, and launching around 700 projects across the country, particularly flood hit lands, are some special programs of Deputy Office for Social Services. 
Ostad Agha added: “Operating 12 watershed projects in South Khorasan, opening 34 new houses in flood hit areas in Lorestan, reconstruction of drinking water network in Sistan and Baluchestan, delivering 600 newly built livestock sheds in Golestan, and opening of 40 cow breeding units in Khuzestan are most salient projects due to open by the Deputy Office for Social Services during the ten-day celebrations”.  
He also referred to offering of cultural programs and hosting pilgrims and citizens of Mashhad in peripheral complexes and pilgrim towns as the most important programs of Pilgrims’ Endowment Institute. 
Ostad Agha also said: “Activating related service centers for holding sports contests for the youths is the main program of the AQR’s Physical Education Institute”. 
Director of Karamat Razavi Foundation pointed to holding celebrations in poor and marginal neighborhoods as well as special centers looking after elderly wellbeing and orphans and also commendation of eight activists in the fight against Covid-19 as the most significant programs provisioned by Razavi Service Centers for Karamat ten-day celebrations. 
Ostad Agha concluded his remarks by saying: “All mentioned programs are held by full observance of health protocols asserted by the National Anti-Corona Headquarters”.