Karamat celebrations to be held based on Anti-Corona HQ’s protocols
Friday , 06/26/2020 - 16:13
Karamat ten-day celebrations will be held this year based on the health protocols stipulated by the National Anti-Corona Headquarters, said Mostafa Khaksar Qahroudi, the deputy custodian of Astan Quds Razavi, in a televised interview on Eshareh program, aired live on Khorasan Razavi TV.

He informed that due to the outbreak of coronavirus, since March 2020, AQR has resorted to media tools at the national level and cyberspace to bring the atmosphere of the holy shrine to people’s houses. “This also affected Karamat celebrations so that we will not have a direct program for the celebrations in the presence of pilgrims but a recorded program which will be broadcast through the media.”
According to him, chief among the programs will be changing the shrine cover and the dome flag at the birth anniversary of Imam Reza (AS), holding various cultural programs and competitions, and performing artistic programs by calligraphers and painters. 
Referring to the removal of the program “Under the Shade of the Sun” at the international level, he stated: “Special caravans with full observance of health protocols and with permission from health departments of each city have already started their travels to all the cities of the country.”
Qahroudi also noted that in international level, Rezvan International Quranic Award and Goharshad International Award will be held with a slight change in time-table in compliance with health protocols.
In review of the services provided in different parts of the country, he mentioned the use of jihadi groups, the provision dowries, job creation in the flood-stricken areas, etc. “Opening 11 operating rooms and dental department in Razavi Hospital to render services to the low-income patients, unveiling three new medicines, and introducing some new achievements in agricultural sector are also included in the list of programs for implementation during Karamat celebrations.”
Pointing to reopening of the shrine after joint meetings with Ministry of Health and provincial officials, he said: “Along with training, the personnel and servants, necessary facilities were provided. Currently in addition to supplying disinfectants, face masks, pilgrimage sheets, etc. installation of banners, arrangement of carpets in a checkered manner, educating servants to observe hygienic requirements and the social distancing, reduction of the ceremonies, etc. have paved the way for reopening the courts step by step. This will depend on the cooperation of the pilgrims.”
He pointed to a visit paid by deputy minister of health Dr. Harirchi to the holy shrine, saying: “According to his assessment, the observance of health guidelines in religious places has been much better than other urban areas. We are happy that people see health instructions as their religious duty.”
“During the visit, Harirchi expressed his technical views on ventilation of porticos, and due to the warm weather and difficulty of attending the courtyards, we are ready to reopen high-ceiling porticos, considering all the health protocols which is subject to the order of the National Anti-Corona Headquarters,” he remarked. 

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