AQR opens first center for genetically engineered products in eastern Iran
Monday , 06/29/2020 - 15:30
The first center for animal husbandry, interbreeding and production of genetically modified products in eastern Iran was put into operation in the presence of the chief custodian of Astan Quds Razavi and the managers from Razavi Economic Organization.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Arash Farzadnia, the CEO of Quds Razavi Industrial Animal Husbandry Institute said: “The construction works of this industrial complex to produce infant formula (IMF Grade) started in 2016 and today it was put into operation, costing about 500bn Rials.”
“This 45 ha complex plus 60 ha of Razavi old complex of Keneh Bist now constitute Keneh Bist Razavi Development Plan,” he noted. 
He stated that the Institute currently produces about 10% of the country’s infant formula, adding that with the opening of the project, up to 30% of the basic skimmed infant’s formula import will be cut to save forex for the country.
“The Institute prioritizes entering new fields in animal husbandry industry without any involvement in and competition with the private sector,” he commented.  
According to him, the genetically modified herd will be the basis of gene-based products in the country, making it needless to import all kinds of cow sperms in the coming years. “The Institute is a young, efficient and dynamic group that uses jihadi morale, relies on the knowledge of its experts and acquires the modern technologies in line with the outlook plan of Razavi Economic Organization to take a major leap in terms of technology, science and production.” 
“Hence, by opening this project and establishing the first genetically modified herd complex, this institute will become the largest producer of protein products in eastern Iran,” he remarked.

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