AQR announces key programs for Vilayat Ten-Day celebrations
Saturday , 08/01/2020 - 16:00
AQR announces key programs for Vilayat Ten-Day celebrations
Astan Quds Razavi’s Karamat Razavi Foundation has announced special programs on the occasion of Vilayat Ten-Day celebrations across the country.

Announcing the above, managing director of the foundation, Mohammad Hossein Ostad Agha said: “Many different programs have been arranged online for these days in observance of National Anti-Corona Headquarters health protocols”. 
Pointing to the foundation’s social aid programs, Ostad Agha stated: “The Cooperation and Charity Movement will be run during Vilayat Ten-Day celebrations in accordance with Ayatollah Khamenei and AQR chief custodian’s orders”. 
He added: “The second phase of the movement will include a Rls.200bn package of food items for the poor in 31 provinces which has been prepared by AQR and benefactors”. 
He also pointed to the house building projects of its respective organization in upcoming days, saying: “Karamat Razavi Foundation will inaugurate 34 houses for the poor people in Cham Mehr village located in Lorestan’s flood-stricken Poldokhtar”.
Distribution of 10 thousand charity meals during the celebrations came next in the list of the foundation’s social services. “Donation offices have started their own activities to support deprived people in each province. The charity activities of these offices are not limited to Eid al-Adha; rather, they will be continued up to the end of Vilayat Ten-Day celebrations”. 
Elsewhere in his remarks and before introducing 110 different programs for the women, the director of the Karamat Razavi Foundation stressed that the foundation will provide people, especially hard-hit provinces, with healthcare items as well. 
Ostad Agha concluded his remarks by referring to the programs provisioned by AQR’s Physical Education and Youth Institutes for the personnel, servants, and their families as well as young people with full observance of all health protocols.

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