Specialized Razavi Museum webinar hosts 7 Iranian, Russian museums
Thursday , 08/27/2020 - 17:45
Specialized Razavi Museum webinar hosts 7 Iranian, Russian museums
The Organization of Libraries, Museums and Documents of Astan Quds Razavi has held a specialized webinar of Razavi Museum with top 7 museums from Iran and Russia on the web.

Key participants of the webinar were Piatrovsky, the director of the Armitage Museum, Ms. Papova, the director of the Institute of Manuscripts of the Academy of Sciences, Ms. Mousinko, the director of the Museum of Religious History, Ms. Chardantsava, the director of the State Museum, and Ms. Tarantina, the director of the tsarist museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Iranian participants of the cultural event were Mehdi Qeysari, deputy director of Museums and Cultural Heritage Promotion, Jabrail Nokandeh, the director of the National Museum of Iran and Ehsan Aqaei, the director of the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Tehran.
In this specialized meeting which focused on the issue of inter-museum cooperation between the two countries, Qeysari described the Razavi Museum as one of the largest museum collections in Iran, whose historical monument represents eight centuries of decorations and architecture of the Islamic period.
He mentioned that the historical monuments in the AQR Museum represent a variety of arts and crafts made during the last ten centuries.
He also named the AQR Organization of Libraries, Museums and Documents as one of the richest libraries, museums and documentation centers in the region and the Islamic world which is known as the largest intellectual base to the Muslim nations.
Highlighting the cultural, scientific and religious resources of the rich collection, he enumerated the activities of the Razavi museums in the days of coronavirus pandemic as launching a virtual visit to AQR museums, and informing it on social media platforms, extensive use of social media to introduce museums, works in the museum and offering information on related events.
“The introduction of rich Razavi treasure in the program of cultural Tuesdays and the use of trained teenagers as museum guides were among other programs these days,” he said.
Qeysari, referred to joint cultural cooperation between the applicant museums, commenting that the draft memorandum of understanding with the Russian Armitage Museum was underway through the Iranian Cultural Attaché and several other memorandums were following suit with the major museums in Europe which will be finalized soon. “We are ready to have separate memoranda of understanding with the museums participating in this webinar.”
He pointed to the collaboration and joint research for restoration and introduction of historical and cultural monuments, holding joint virtual exhibitions, exchange of specialized publications manuscripts, and cooperation in publishing specialized reference books and manuscripts as some areas of common cooperation.
The webinar was coordinated by Qahraman Soleimani, the cultural attaché of the Embassy of Iran in Russia.