AQR holds 1st national webinar of “Imam Reza (AS) and Science of the Day”
Thursday , 09/03/2020 - 22:57
AQR holds 1st national webinar of “Imam Reza (AS) and Science of the Day”
Astan Quds Razavi’s Imam Reza International University had held first national webinar of “Imam Reza (AS) and Science of the Day” to promote teachings of the Infallible Household of the Prophet (pbuh) particularly those of Imam Reza (AS).

The online event saw a number of seminary and university experts and scholars in attendance. 
The first out of seven pre-meeting of this webinar was held focusing on “fundamental principles of communications and religious propagation in the scientific and practical conduct of Imam Reza (AS)” at Imam Reza International University”. Some salient scientific figures from Iran and abroad participated in this pre-meeting. 
Speaking in this meeting, Dr. Morteza Rojouei president of Imam Reza University referred to goals behind the online conference, saying: “To develop Razavi teachings and its studies, Imam Reza International University has programmed this national webinar so that scientific and practical strategies of the religion can be transferred to the society”. 
Rojouei also stated that producing scientific contents to address upcoming challenges of the society and making links between Iranian and foreign universities with the aim of developing teachings of Ahl al-Bayt in the world are other goals followed by the organizers of the conference.
In the end, Rojouei said: “We hope that holding such meetings will pave the way for introducing and explaining the teachings of the Ahl al-Bayt and the establishment of a new Islamic civilization with the help of all scholars of the Islamic world.
The meeting also had Hoj. Mohammad Hassan Mahdavi’s speech on Imam Reza’s (AS) fame in science. 
Hoj. Mahdavi, head of AQR’s Scientific and Cultural Organization said the scientific characteristics the Prophet’s (pbuh) family have been manifested in Imam Reza (AS) in a special way and this means that this feature is for Imam Reza (AS) only as Prophet (pbuh) of Islam and other Imams (AS) are endowed with divinely inspired science. “Every Imam (AS) was given different nicknames all emphasizing a great and specific characteristic for him”. 
Referring to different situations and contexts in which Imam Reza’s (AS) science and wisdom could lead the society and guide people, Mahdavi introduced Imam’s (AS) graciousness  and commitment on moral standards as one of the best areas of Hazrat Reza’s (AS) influence in the society. “Imam Reza (AS) often valued moral issues more than scientific ones”. 

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