Iranian collector offers rare Sassanid coins to AQR museum
Friday , 09/04/2020 - 22:57
Iranian collector offers rare Sassanid coins to AQR museum
A collector from Tehran has offered over 50 valuable coins belonging to Sassanid era to Astan Quds Razavi’s coin museum, says Mohammad Hossein Yazdinejad, the head of the Treasury of Stamps, Banknotes and Coins of the Organization of Libraries, Museums and Documents Center of AQR.

Yazdinejad said: “These coins belong to the tenures of different Sassanid kings such as Pirouz, Kavad I, Khosrow I (famous Anushirvan), and Hormizd IV”. 
He added: “Dram is the currency of these silver coins; each of these coins has engravings of a king and some other images on them”.
Yazdinejad referred to Bishapur, Rey, Nahavand, Isfahan, Euphrates, Darabgerd, Ahvaz, Gorgan, Dinavar, Shapur, and Yazd as some important cities in which these coins have been minted. 
Also Hossein Mahmoudian, the donator of the coins said: “When I first met the museum and saw exquisite gifts of Ayatollah Khamenei in 1992, I was persuaded to donate some valuable items to Imam Reza’ (AS) museum.”
Mahmoudian added: “With regard to the professionalism AQR exercises in keeping ancient items and with respect to the great position of the organization to the Iranians, I decided to offer this collection to AQR’s museum”. 
He went on to say: “The 4000-piece collection I have donated to AQR’s museum comes from the diggers of antiques and collection owners from whom I have bought the coins”.
He referred to a king crown belonging to Safavid or Zand eras with 76 pieces of diamond, 12 pieces of red ruby, one sapphire, and one piece of turquoise as most precious items he has ever offered to AQR. 
Mahmoudian thanked AQR for running its digital museum and expressed hope for operation of virtual visits in other Iranian museums so that owners of historical items could be encouraged to donate their items.