AQR to create a network of managers for holy shrines
Monday , 09/07/2020 - 13:22
AQR to create a network of managers for holy shrines
The vision of Astan Quds Razavi, the body in charge of Imam Reza (AS) Holy Shrine, is to create a network for the managers of the holy shrines, because sharing of experiences and scientific know-how among them will improve programs and practices.

Morteza Rojouei, the president of Imam Reza (AS) International University (IRIU) said the above in a meeting with Dr. Zeinab Soltani, the president of Al-Zahraa (AS) University of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine and the accompanying delegation, noting that so far, some managers from the holy shrine of Imam Javadayn (AS) have graduated from the university.
The official further pointed to holding of joint courses and inking memorandums of understanding with universities affiliated with holy shrines, stating that “IRIU has previously signed a memorandum of cooperation with Al-Kafil University of Astan Abbasi, and short-term skill courses have been held for the employees of the holy shrine of Imam Javadayn.”
“Every year, more than 20 million people from all over the world participate in the Arba’een Husseini march which needs to be scientifically analyzed and researched in various fields and its results presented in various journals and meetings,” he said.
Elsewhere in his speech, he noted that IRIU, affiliated to AQR, started its official activity since 21 years ago, and so far more than 10,000 students have graduated from this university in various fields.
Dr. Rojouei added that the university is one of the comprehensive universities, which according to the statute approved by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution of the Islamic Republic of Iran can develop its activities in all fields and faculties.
“IRIU has two independent educational spaces for male and female students, and 7,000 students are currently studying at the university. Of the university’s students, 1,000 are foreign students, 70 percent of whom are Iraqis and study in joint classes with Iranian students,” he commented.
Regarding the necessity of passing Persian language courses for foreign students he stressed that foreign students of this university should spend 6 months in the Persian language training center of IRIU, which according to coronavirus pandemic, the provision of the Persian language instruction to 230 Iraqi students has started online for the semester of October.
He pointed out that IRIU is the only private university in the country which, in addition to the international license, has obtained the license of the office of consular affairs from the Foreign Students Affairs Organization of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
Referring to the education of one-fifth of Iraqi students at Iranian universities at IRIU, he said, “The consular affairs office of IRIU is working on all issues related to consular affairs of foreign students, including the issuance of student visas. Facilitating the issuance of registration permits, residence permits, extension of stays, departure and return and other related matters have resulted in high student satisfaction.”
According to the latest ranking of the ISC, IRIU has been named the top private university in Iran and currently students are studying in three levels: bachelor, master and doctorate.
Also Zeinab Soltani, while introducing Al-Zahraa University explained that Astan Husseini, the body in charge of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine, has two universities, Al-Zahraa and Al-Wareth, where in the former only women are studying.
“Astan Husseini has set up Al-Zahraa University exclusively for women. Currently, more than a thousand students are studying in three faculties of pharmacy, paramedical and administrative sciences in this university and the admission of students to universities is based on their academic records and some of the students of these universities have received free scholarships,” she said.
In the end, referring to the good capacities of IRIU, she called for the establishment of scientific and bilateral interactions between this university and Al-Wareth, and Al-Zahraa (AS) Universities.
After the meeting, the president of Al-Zahraa University and the accompanying delegation visited different sections of the academic campus.