AQR launches first rural digital library in the country
Monday , 09/14/2020 - 13:00
AQR launches first rural digital library in the country
Upon the efforts of Astan Quds Razavi, the first and most comprehensive rural digital library across the country has started work in the village of Mohammadabad, Tabas.

Mahdi Qassemzadeh, the deputy AQR Institute of Holy Shrines and Religious Sites said Imam Reza (AS) Digital Library in cooperation with the AQR Libraries, Museums and Documentation Center, is now equipped with a digital library.
“The system includes more than 200 religious apps such as Jame’ al-Ahadith, Jame’ al-Tafasir, Jame’ al-Revayat-e Noor, index of fourteen Infallibles (AS) and more than 20 million articles, including the article bank of Islamic and human sciences in Noormags. The scientific papers and conferences of Civilica Database and more than 2,000 domestic and foreign scientific and research databases are available with over 90 million digital resources on all subjects of human knowledge, such as Irannamaye, Virascience, Megapaper and Gigalib.
He recounted the availability of 220 software systems for books, articles and multimedia resources based on the field of Islamic and human sciences and more than 100 million digital resources as well as information about the databases of AQR digital library with more than two million records including manuscripts, lithographs, lead printing, photographs, etc. with the possibility of special access to the full version of dissertations, some printed books, books and electronic articles in Persian, Arabic and English on human knowledge topics, among other capabilities of the digital library in Mohammadabad.
Qassemzadeh emphasized that the update and development of this digital library will be continued and access to these information resources through the AQR digital library, at, is free for everyone across the world.
Imam Reza (AS) Digital Library in Mohammadabad has been providing services to knowledge seekers since 2005.

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