AQR, IRIB officials unveil poster of the first Imam Reza (AS) Media Festival
Saturday , 09/19/2020 - 23:00
AQR, IRIB officials unveil poster of the first Imam Reza (AS) Media Festival
On the sidelines of the meeting of senior managers of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) with chief custodian of Astan Quds Razavi, the poster of the first Imam Reza (AS) Media Festival was unveiled.

At the meeting, Mehdi Kheyrjoo, the head of AQR Communication and Media Center said: “We hope that these media gatherings will continue in future and will strengthen bilateral cooperation between AQR and the IRIB in order to promote Razavi teachings.”
He praised IRIB’s cooperation with Astan Quds Razavi’s Communication and Media Center in the first ten days of Muharram, saying that with cooperation during the days of the coronavirus outbreak and the restriction of pilgrimage, more than 100,000 minutes of religious programs from the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS) were sent on air on various channels.
“During the restrictions, IRIB aired programs 13 hours a day from the holy shrine and in Muharram, 195 hours of television programs were broadcasted which included 20 hours on various AQR programs and productions,” he said.
“This year, Imam Reza’s (AS) virtual Tekyeh, with the participation of active apps including Rubika, Aparat and Gap and advertising in TV programs, attracted a total of 14 million viewers in the first ten days of Muharram,” he noted.
Referring to part of the Leader’s statement that says ‘The all-round soft war of the enemy cannot be denied today; however, some deny it and that is part of the soft war,’ the AQR official stressed: “AQR is the soft power of the Islamic Republic and the Shia world which can play an important role in the period of cultural invasion and soft war imposed by the enemies.”
He pointed out that AQR has an unparalleled treasure and capacity of content in various areas including the Islamic Research Foundation, the Deputy Office for Scientific and Cultural Affairs and the Deputy Office for Islamic Ideology Dissemination. “It is expected that with the participation of the IRIB, these capacities would be processed and transmitted to the society through the language of art.”
Pointing to the words of the Revolution’s Leader regarding the message of the adventurous life of Imam Reza (AS), which he described as a tireless constant struggle he commented: “In a situation where sanctions and conspiracies of the enemies have created economic hardships for people, the vital teachings of Imam Reza (AS) can be a way forward for our society and this can be achieved with the cooperation of AQR and the IRIB and through the means of art.”
Kheyrjoo also pointed to holding the first period of Imam Reza (AS) Media Festival and considered it a step towards the development of media endowments and vows. Boosting quantity and quality of the events, honoring innovative, artistic and effective media creations with the theme of Razavi teachings, re-visiting the basic concepts related to Razavi conduct and supporting the creators of Razavi media works, are among the intentions and goals behind holding the festival, as he stated.