Razavi Hospital’s nuclear medicine excellent: Iraqi physician
Wednesday , 11/11/2020 - 13:47
Razavi Hospital’s nuclear medicine excellent: Iraqi physician
Nuclear medicine services at Razavi Hospital are really excellent, says Dr. Heidar Alavi head of nuclear medicine ward at Amir al Momenin Hospital of Najaf, Iraq.

Getting familiar with the diagnosis and treatment activities at nuclear ward of the Razavi Hospital, Dr. Alavi stated: “The ward is equipped with most up-to-date devices which are capable of conducting many diagnostic tests and examinations related to cancerous diseases. The place has got many professional experts and specialists of nuclear medicine as well”. 
He also said: “Creation of a new area for bilateral cooperation between Razavi and Amir al Momenin hospitals, particularly in the field of nuclear medicine, are among the goals behind this visit”.
He also expressed hope for signing a bilateral agreement between the two sides as final outcome of the visit. 
The Iraqi physician finally said: “Enjoying special favor of the Infallible Imams (AS), the collaboration will be started with teaching and training the staff of Amir al Momenin Hospital involved in treatment of patients. The Razavi Hospital specialists will also help their Iraqi counterparts in wiring reports related to nuclear medicine imaging”.