AQR’s Behnashr releases 150 print and 12 audio books: Director
Saturday , 11/21/2020 - 20:53
AQR’s Behnashr releases 150 print and 12 audio books: Director
Astan Quds Razavi’s Behnashr Publications has published 150 print and 12 audio books on Imam Reza (AS) during the past eight months, says Hossein Saeedi, director of the printing house.

He added: “Islamic teachings, conducts and lifestyle of the Imams (AS), family of Ahl al-Bayt, ethical and social teachings, culture and decorum of pilgrimage, culture and discourse of the Islamic Revolution, and lifestyle are the topics on which various books have been published”. 
He said: “Behnashr Publications has reconsidered its main domain of activities during past years and its focus is on three areas of Islamic teachings, values of Vali Faqih political system, and Islamic-Iranian lifestyle.” 
Naming some recent releases on teenagers and adults, and the Islamic Revolution, the official said: “Sixty-nine titles out of 150 books are first editions with 33 books for children and young adults and 36 for adults. Some of these works have been displayed in different national festivals.”
Regarding audio books produced by the center, he said: “Behnashr Publications has produced different audio books about Imam Reza’s (AS) lifestyle for different age groups”.
Saeedi also expressed hope for preparation and distribution of more books of this kind in upcoming months.