AQR must be model in responding, interacting with people: Chief custodian
Wednesday , 11/25/2020 - 10:00
AQR must be model in responding, interacting with people: Chief custodian
Introducing responding to people as one of the most important examples of religious interaction, Hoj. Ahmad Marvi, Astan Quds Razavi chief custodian, has said that organization has to be a model in responding to people and interacting with them.

said: “Receiving people’s messages and responding to their phone calls are not just for doing propagation rather, we believe that the move is very important and the organization has to do its best to continue it”. 
Marvi added: “As it has repeatedly been emphasized by Ayatollah Khamenei, people have to put all their power and focus on every job entrusted to them. In fact, taking a job seriously is a spiritual encouragement for conducting it with more quality”. 
Hoj. Marvi referred to different feeling of people toward AQR and said that this sensitivity must be appreciated.
He further noted that if there is a defect or weakness in a public or private organization, people do not find themselves obliged to warn about it, but if there is a small defect in AQR, they point it out which is really valuable for us as servants of Imam Reza (AS). 
He stated: “Although some criticisms made by people may not be fine and right, people’s sensitivity and responsibility toward AQR is a very blessed act”.
Emphasizing on the necessity of Islamic management fulfilment in AQR, Marvi reminded: “Responding to people must have a special manifestation in all over AQR”. 
He also emphasized: “Some suggestions made by people may not be feasible. In this case, the public must be informed about lack of act and at the same time practical points of view should be welcomed”.
Saying that no popular phone call has to be left unanswered, Hoj. Marvi went on to say: “Requests of people have to be answered correctly. We believe that AQR has to be a model for all other organizations when it comes to responding to criticisms, suggestions and requests”. 
Addressing AQR’s Comprehensive Center for Public Relations, Marvi said: “Do prepare a report on responding conditions of AQR’s affiliations so that poor and good performances receive reprimands and appreciations respectively”. 
Introducing national number of 138 as connecting chain between AQR and people, chief custodian of AQR reiterated: “People’s concerns about holy shrine are examined in no time”. 
Hoj. Ahmad Marvi brought his speech to end by saying: “We believe that AQR belongs to the public, so we should not be indifferent to their sense of responsibility”.

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