Women turn their dreams into reality at Khatun Camp Garden
Thursday , 12/03/2020 - 16:58
Women turn their dreams into reality at Khatun Camp Garden
Women in Mashhad, northeast Iran, have found a chance to produce and display their innovative and creative works at a camp garden created by Astan Quds Razavi, the body in charge of Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine.

Built on a 20-ha land area, Khatun Camp Garden offers every needed facilities for translation of creative and innovative ideas into action in a women-only environment. Believed to be the first cultural, educational and social center, the project came to fruition at a relatively short time.
Khatun Camp Garden has paved the ground for women to turn their dreams into reality with an innovative approach in open-air space, districts of Mashhad and in various other provinces. Creative and innovative women have now turned into architects of innovative sociocultural programs that have found a chance for display in festivals, campaigns, etc. across the country, thanks to the helping hands of the honorary servants and families.

It has provided a safe and secure place for the innovative and entrepreneur women to exhibit their products and services and to transfer their art and creativity to other women. Various festivals and cultural events have so far provided such a chance for women to do marketing, to sell their products and services and to earn a living.

Still in its first phase, the camp site offers a range of small and large spaces and facilities for creative and sporting activities of women, some of which, like the conference hall, are regularly reserved by schools and institutions for special purposes. The complex includes spaces for almost all age groups as children of under 12 are over-thrilled to perform their exclusive scenario in groups of 15 to 20 students along with their teacher in a second hall known as Rezvaneh. Handicrafts, cooking, storytelling, gardening, etc. constitute part of their scenario. Children refer to a corner to pick things they need for cooking before entering the kitchen, where they cook their preferred food in cooperation with their teacher. So is the case for any other item on the scenario.
Officials say the second phase of the project, comprising a pond, coffee shop, and restaurant, is slated to be operational some time before March this year, followed by opening vehicle gate a few months later.
Workshops, now active at the garden, receive enthusiasts for creative storytelling, game developing, household hacks, creative arts and many more.
In summer and spring, futsal, volleyball and basketball fields will be under the feet of women athletes.
The complex offers a wide range of camps for children, young adults, adults, religious festivities and birthdays that include various services upon the request of the addressees.
Khatun Camp Garden has so far admitted 200 ideas in cultural, educational and social areas, identifying and supporting 64 innovative women. Meanwhile, it has introduced almost 200 women for displaying their plans and products at national entrepreneurship festivals.
The complex is also an appropriate venue for observing national and religious occasions, where women play a key role in organizing and managing cultural, educational, and social programs meant to promote such occasions. This they do in the course of camps, campaigns, festivals, mourning ceremonies, … all of which have received extreme welcome by the public.
Khatun Camp Garden had one thing more to offer, i.e. the experience of offering free of charge visit to the camp site and enjoying all services and facilities available for women in Mashhad once a week on Thursdays, during fall and winter.
With respect to the restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, in-person programs at this complex have been minimized in number with full observance of the health protocols. Part of the programs, i.e. online programs, campaigns, national and international events, are available in cyberspace accessible through popular messenger apps.