Gen. Soleimani was true manifestation of a servant of Imam Reza (AS): chief custodian
Friday , 01/01/2021 - 17:11
Gen. Soleimani was true manifestation of a servant of Imam Reza (AS): chief custodian
Martyr Soleimani’s presence in Syria and Lebanon, his fight against ISIS, oppressors and arrogant powers, and his defense of the oppressed people are manifestations of a true servant of Imam Reza (AS), says Hoj. Ahmad Marvi, the chief custodian of Astan Quds Razavi, adding “That is why we raised the black flag on the dome of the shrine of Imam Reza (AS) on the occasion of his martyrdom.”

Speaking on the occasion of the first anniversary of the martyrdom of Lt. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Hoj. Marvi called him a “shining example of the verses of Quran”.
He stated that martyr Soleimani was not only an example of awakening of the nations in the region, but also of the oppressed people of the world; and like Imam Hussein (AS), his enemies thought that by assassinating him his name will be disappeared.
Referring to the military defeat of ISIS and its supporters on the resistance front, he said: “ISIS should not be seen as just a savage terrorist group, they had a very powerful, vast and extensive means, both financially and logistically provided by the United States, Zionists and reactionary powers in the region but he overcame all that with almost bare hands.”
He called martyr Soleimani a global symbol of anti-Americanism and pointed out that if we look at contemporary history, we can see people like Fidel Castro and others, who emerged as a symbol of anti-Americanism, yet the position and character of martyr Soleimani is far beyond them.
“As the Revolution’s Leader often says, martyr Soleimani was a school of thought himself and a lasting thinker with sincerity, pro-guardianship affiliation, indefatigability, maximum appeal, a multifaceted personality, revolutionary spirit away from factional games and adherence to morality and religious limits,” he noted. 
 “Sincerity was the root of his success and its influence on the hearts of the people despite the low presence in the media and his few speeches, and we clearly witnessed that in the million-man and unforgettable funeral of this dear martyr which was not much unpredictable for many,” he said.
He considered the second distinguishing quality of martyr Soleimani as pro-guardianship affiliation and his obedience to the orders of the Revolution’s Leader as one of the secrets of his success.
According to Marvi, martyr Soleimani was a true example of the Leader’s doctrine of “maximum attraction and minimum repulsion”.
“His view on youth and the new generation, and those who seemingly do not observe social and religious norms, was that of a kind, compassionate and fatherly look; expressions such as ‘these are our children,’ ‘they are our brothers and sisters’ were the same literature that Revolution’s Leader let in our literature,” he reiterated.
Marvi pointed out that martyr Soleimani had a multifaceted personality meaning that he was at the height of his power and authority in the battlefield when he met the family of a martyr. “He showed compassion to the children and when the flood came in Iran, he was among the first officials to rush for the help of victims.”
“Martyr Soleimani never deviated from morality and Sharia law even when he was in the battlefield against the enemies and the ISIS, and he showed that his servanthood is not limited to the geography of the holy shrine,” he remarked.