Boosting epistemological foundations key to young people’s immunity from deviation: chief custodian
Wednesday , 01/13/2021 - 19:53
Boosting epistemological foundations key to young people’s immunity from deviation: chief custodian
Astan Quds Razavi has planned extensive measures to strengthen the epistemological and cognitive foundations in the youth in line with the efforts to protect them from deviation and degradation, said AQR chief custodian Hoj. Ahmad Marvi at the unveiling ceremony of the Alem al-e Mohammad interactive educational system, which was held at AQR Institute of Youth Affairs.

Pointing to the high position of guiding humans from misguidance in Islamic culture, he said: “Using talent, eagerness, creativity and youthfulness in spreading Islamic knowledge is a divine blessing and the main duty of AQR Institute of Youth Affairs. With the development of means of communication, there are no borders; this can be a threat or with the right planning, an opportunity to spread the teachings of Islam.”
Iran’s Leader of the Islamic Revolution has always stressed deepening Islamic knowledge in youth. To that end, Hoj. Marvi underscored the need to pay attention to the teachings of the Infallible Imams (AS) while ignoring baseless slogans and claims.
“The youth should be helped to gain strong educational and spiritual bases in order to cross the slips and evil intrigues. Early on, in our Revolution, due to the lack of strong educational support, some youths were attracted to deviant groups such as MKO and eventually martyred great scholars and ordinary people,” he noted.
Elsewhere, he recommended AQR Institute of Youth Affairs and culturally active groups to go after sort of activities that ultimately lead to the reform of society. “Cultural activities and individual communication must become a social and public movement. The great movement of the Prophet (pbuh) of Islam began with the education of individuals and ended in a public social movement.”
He called on the youth to cultivate and strengthen their will with the goal of creating a social transformation in Iran and then the whole world, saying, “Why should false movements, arrogant powers and Zionism be able to infiltrate an Islamic country and even make themselves acceptable and hit the culture and beliefs of that society?”
According to Hoj. Marvi, if people think about sayings by the Infallible Imams (AS), they will certainly follow the right path. “If there is a shortcoming, it is because we are short in conveying the messages of these noble Imams to the people of the world.”
According to him before the coronavirus pandemic and under normal circumstances, the holy shrine had about 30 million pilgrims annually. “The Institute should make plans for these pilgrims, as well as for the families of Razavi employees,” he remarked.