AQR unveils new comprehensive educational platform
Wednesday , 01/13/2021 - 20:04
AQR unveils new comprehensive educational platform
Astan Quds Razavi’s Institute of Youth Affairs has unveiled a new comprehensive educational interactive platform dubbed Alem al-e Muhammad in a ceremony in the presence of AQR chief custodian Hoj. Ahmad Marvi and a number of Iranian managerial and academic figures.

The platform has come into operation with two goals of nurturing competent manpower for the Islamic Revolution and meeting demands raised by Ayatollah Khamenei over teaching young and faithful revolutionary manpower for the country. 
Alongside with the half-online teaching courses, the system has got many other attractions including comprehensiveness of audience, contents and instructors, simultaneous accessibility for both PC and smartphone users, state by stage design and creation of a competitive media for the participants, provided constant responses to questions and direct contacts with the admin, and finally answers to questions about uploaded contents.   
This educational platform has been developed in four levels for four groups of audience in which seminary students, university students of Islamic teachings, and educational professors can enroll in a course called Burhan to get the center’s certificate after passing related tests. The teaching courses will be half-online for these items.  
As the main target group, the young people will be able to enroll in a course called Unlimited and learn about basic Shia beliefs. They will also receive gifts if they finish the course successfully. 
Also for people in charge of leading cultural operations, different courses have been provided for them including organizational management, nurturing competent staff for the second phase of the Islamic Revolution, possessing a civilization-based view in cultural arenas, relations between self-making and society-making, and cultural programing, provided under the category of Sadid. 
Those interested in services of the comprehensive educational platform can log in through