Cooperation of all organizations necessary in fight against economic war: AQR chief custodian
Saturday , 01/30/2021 - 13:54
Cooperation of all organizations necessary in fight against economic war: AQR chief custodian
It is necessary for all organizations of the country to have cooperation and coordination in the fight against ongoing economic war, says Astan Quds Razavi’s chief custodian Hoj. Ahmad Marvi highlighting parliament’s role in foiling effects of the US sanctions.

Hoj. Marvi who was hosting members of Iranian parliament’s commission on economy in Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine’s Vilayat hall, said: “Commission on economy has got a very important and influential position in the country as its decisions greatly affect society’s culture”. 
He further stated: “Activities and decisions of this commission have cultural and economic impacts, affecting livelihood of the family and consequently the religion, ethics, and behavior of the society”. 
Marvi added: “One cannot separate economy from culture; economic situation affects culture and behavior of the country directly. Therefore, performance of the commission on economy affects behavior and education of the whole country”. 
Referring to some rubrics in Iran’s constitution such as social welfare, housing right, occupation right, and education, AQR chief custodian said: “General issues related to these great issues have been brought within the constitution; changing these general issues into law is up to the parliament.”
In relation to US sanctions he said: “Since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, the Global Arrogance tried to hit Iranian government and nation. Sanctions imposed from the very beginning have been intensified in recent years, turning into an all-out economic war”. 
Hoj. Marvi stressed: “US congress has been a key body which was highly active in imposing sanctions through making different laws to exert additional pressure on Iran. They believed that through this economic war, Islamic establishment would surrender; they achieved nothing but imposed economic pressure on ordinary people”. 
Evaluating parliament’s role in neutralizing sanctions, he said: “As US administration employs all its capacity to impose sanctions on Islamic Republic, Iranian parliament must be active in foiling these anti-human sanctions through adoption of new laws”.  
Elsewhere he said: “In recent years, Ayatollah Khamenei has used economic mottos for naming the years. The parliament can take effective steps toward removing obstacles before domestic production, to promote occupation atmosphere, to boost investment in economic projects and to fulfill Production Leap as current year’s motto by making appropriate laws, modification of some existing laws and running surveillance on correct implementation of laws”. 
Pointing to AQR’s supportive measures for deprived people of the country during coronavirus pandemic, he said: “Taking a look at the Infallible Imams’ conduct and lifestyle will make it clear that they have mostly paid attention to the poor people; we know it as our duty today to do the same to the extent that our facilities suffice. The AQR spent around 1000 billion Rials to support the needy during the viral outbreak”. 
He further noted that principles of Resistance Economy must be implemented in AQR completely. “To that end, AQR has started since last year making coordination with various agencies especially those related to the Office of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution”.