Hazrat Zahra (SA), manifestation of all good attributes of Islam
Wednesday , 02/03/2021 - 15:31
Hazrat Zahra (SA), manifestation of all good attributes of Islam
The life and virtues of Prophet (pbuh) of Islam’s daughter Hazrat Zahra (SA) and the family she raised are great examples for Muslims across the world to follow.

Speaking at a special program titled “Thanks to Mothers” to female pilgrims and neighbors under strict health protocols at Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine, seminary professor Hoj. Nasser Rafiei stated that Quran has introduced several model families, bearing important moral lessons.
“The family of Prophet Adam (pbuh) is the first Quranic family that teaches us the lesson of repentance. They asked God for forgiveness after their mistake and God redeemed them,” he said.
The second family belongs to Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh), which reminds man of the lesson of giving importance to prayer. “Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) left his son Ishmael (pbuh) in a barren land, hoping that the land would become a place to pray.”
The third was the family of Prophet Ayyub (AS) which teaches us the lesson of patience. “This prophet lost his health, wealth and children, but he was patient in the face of all these calamities.”
Next, was the family of Hazrat Ya’qub (AS), “who teaches us the lesson of hope for divine mercy. This prophet lamented the separation of Joseph for forty years, but he never forsake hope and mercy of God in his search for Joseph.”
“The lesson we learn from the life of the family of Prophet Shoayb (pbuh) and his daughters is the lesson of modesty and chastity and the lesson we learn from the life of Hazrat Yusuf (pbuh) is chastity,” he recounted.
He pointed to the lives of Hazrat Zahra (SA) and Imam Ali (AS) as another Quranic family saying that all the good features that existed in the Quranic families were also found in this family, yet their most important characteristic was purity.
 “Hazrat Zahra (SA) was the manifestation of all the good and pleasing attributes of Islam, and all the existence of this esteemed lady had attracted the attention of God the Almighty and that is why she was able to rear exemplary children to human society,” he noted.