Holy shrines are centers for promotion of Islamic teachings: AQR custodian
Thursday , 02/04/2021 - 18:29
Holy shrines are centers for promotion of Islamic teachings: AQR custodian
Holy shrines are places for promotion of pure teachings of Islam, says AQR chief custodian Hoj. Ahmad Marvi while addressing custodians of Iran’s holy shrines in The 4th Forum of Holy Shrines and Mausoleums in Mashhad, northeast Iran.

Congratulating 43rd victory anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, Hoj. Ahmad Marvi said: “People have recognized holy shrines as religious bases and centers for upgrading their wisdom. This issue has to be met in a proper way and holy shrines can play a significant role in nurturing and educating young generation”. 
Marvi added: “Leader Ayatollah Khamenei was satisfied over the performance of the holy shrines during the coronavirus outbreak when these centers were under attack by malicious people. Satisfaction of the leader is an honor for the custodians”. 
Emphasizing fulfilment of perfect pilgrimage as the main goal of managing organizations of Iran’s holy shrines alongside with their various services, he said: “Development of services is an effective issue. Pilgrims must be able to enjoy cultural, social, and scientific services of sacred premises and each shrine has to do its best to develop services of this kind so that pilgrims can feel custodians’ concern over pilgrims’ enjoyments”.  
AQR chief custodian brought his remarks to end by saying: “This round of forum was held in the absence of Iraqi holy shrines’ chief custodians for coronavirus outbreak. We hope they will join us in the next forum with termination of the pandemic.”  
Also custodian of Ahmad Ibn Mousa al-Kazem (Shah Cheraq) holy shrine, Hoj. Lotfollah Dezhkam, said: “There must be a synergy among holy shrines in Quranic recitation and interpretation”. 
Hoj. Dezhkam added: “Organizations of holy shrines can have very positive roles in teaching of Quran in different provinces. Thanks to the Islamic system of government in Iran, efforts for teaching Quran are done in different parts; what holy shrines can do is to coordinate these parts, however”. 
Elsewhere in this meeting, custodian of Hazrat Masumeh (SA) holy shrine, Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Saeedi evaluated solidarity of holy shrines as a pain in the neck for all enemies”. 
Emphasizing that programs are done in a good way when all parts are doing their duties coordinately, he went on to say: “People’s position and role are unique in all programs; Islamic Revolution is the best manifestation of this cooperation and public-centered relations”. 
Noting that Islamic Revolution has got great lessons for all our deeds, Ayatollah Saeedi added: “Ayatollah Khamenei has always wanted us to put our heads together; If people get away from the main path, the revolution will not be able to realize its goals”.
The custodian of Hazrat Abd al-Azim al-Hassani (AS) holy shrine, Ayatollah Mohammad Mohammadi Reyshahri, spoke next to place emphasis on necessity of coordination among holy shrines. “The main goal of holy shrines’ organizing systems is to pave the way for formation of Hazrat Mahdi’s (AS) global government; this issue has to be highlighted in all holy shrines”. 
Reyshahri added: “Art and artistic tools have to be employed to make name and memory of Hazrat Mahdi (AS) alive in holy shrines”