First Iranian lithographic book was donated to the AQR Library
Saturday , 02/13/2021 - 13:20
First Iranian lithographic book was donated to the AQR Library
The first lithographic book in the country, which was published 193 years ago in Tabriz, was donated to the Library of Astan Quds Razavi by a citizen.

Javad Pourali, a retired professor at the University of Tabriz, donated the book dating back to 1249 AH during a trip to the holy city of Mashhad. It is a volume of the Quran and a family heritage of this compatriot man.
Seyyed Mohammad Reza Fazel Hashemi, the official in charge of evaluating the manuscripts of AQR, stated that the first books of lead printing were published in 1233 AH, and the first lithographic book was published in 1249 AH, in Tabriz, which is the same Quran.
At the end of this Quran, it is written that during the reign of Fat’h-Ali Shah of Qajar dynasty and the crown princedom of Abbas Mirza, Mohammad Saleh Shirazi went to Russia, and there he saw the printing industry and transferred the industry to Tabriz.
Fazel Hashemi referred to a part of the text which says, “He saw the new printing industry in that land and transported its machinery to the Sultanate of Tabriz, and made it a printing house. Auspiciously, the first version that came out on the Ramadan 25th 1249 is the word of God, the holy Quran.... »
“This copy was written in the calligraphy of the famous calligrapher of the time, Mohammad Hussein Ibn Mirza Mohammad Tabrizi in which the surahs’ headlines are written in red and are handwritten, and all the pages are manually tabulated in red and azure. In the margins of the pages, explanations have been written about the verses in terms of grammar and sometimes meaning,” he added.
Furthermore, Pourali, the donator of this work, noted: “This copy belonged to my great-great-grandfather, and the handwriting of our grandfather Mir Hossein Jenabi, who was a Tabriz cleric and calligrapher, can also be seen in it.”
“Since my wife and I, Mrs. Fatemeh Jenabzadeh Ahari, are cousins, this copy first reached my uncle and from him to my wife, and she vowed it to the Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine,” he remarked.
In response to the question whether he knew about the antiquity of this Quran, he said, ‘Yes, we knew that it is the oldest, and since we knew that the best and oldest Qurans are in the library of Imam Reza, my wife intended to donate it. Material value does not matter, what matters is its spiritual value and that this Quran be preserved here, so that the next generation can see how much our ancestors cared about the Quran and its publication.”
AQR Central Library has more than 26,000 copies of the Quran, as well as handwritten and printed Quranic pamphlets, and is one of the largest repositories of the Quran in the world.