AQR releases book on theological debates of Christians and Muslims
Wednesday , 02/24/2021 - 8:25
AQR releases book on theological debates of Christians and Muslims
The book “Theological Debates of Christians and Muslims about the Trinity in the First Hijri Centuries” has recently been published by Astan Quds Razavi’s Islamic Research Foundation.

The relationship between Christianity and Islam has had significant ups and downs throughout history. After the advent of Islam, Muslims became more associated with Christian sects. During the first five centuries AH, Christian theologians wrote numerous works in defense of their Trinitarian beliefs, while Muslim writers wrote significant treatises rejecting the Trinitarian teachings of Christians.
As a result, the first five centuries AH mark a golden and unique period in the history of the relationships between Christianity and Islam, wherein Christian advocates sought to explain the Trinitarian beliefs in the form of theological methods of Muslims, especially the Mu’tazilites.
The book contains three chapters of the Doctrine of Trinity in Pre-Islam Christianity; Christianity in the Islamic World and Trinity in the Eyes of Christian and Muslim Theologians.
Formal Christianity, the arrival of unofficial Christianity, the arrival of Christianity in Saudi Arabia, the view of Islamic historians on Christianity and the Trinity, the approach of nations and writers to Christianity and the Trinity, the attitude of Islamic world Christians to the advent of Islam, the Islamic theologians finding fault with the Trinity, Muslim theologians criticizing the relationship between essence and Trinity, etc. are some key topics covered in this book.
Part of the book states: “The doctrine of the Trinity is not explicitly mentioned in the official Gospels, nor in the unofficial ones, not even in the works related to the period of the apostles; But later the Church Fathers discussed the relationship between the Trinity and the divinity of Jesus. As a comparison between Christian and Muslim theologians, many Christian writers were not rational theologians, and only Ammar was remarkably able to use verbal and logical concepts and methods.”
The book, written by Vali Abdi and edited by Jalal Mir Hosseini, has been released with a circulation of 200 copies.