AQR releases books focusing on life and conduct of Prophet (pbuh) of Islam
Wednesday , 03/10/2021 - 19:14
AQR releases books focusing on life and conduct of Prophet (pbuh) of Islam
Approaching the 27th of Rajab, the anniversary of prophetic mission of the Prophet (pbuh) of Islam, Astan Quds Razavi’s Islamic Research Foundation has introduced books focusing on his character.

The book Examples and Models contains stories from the economic life of the Prophet (pbuh) and his daughter. Citing Quranic verses, narratives and historical sources, the author, Ayatollah Mohammad Abdekhodaei, tries to bring stories from the economic life of the Prophet as well as a few pages from the glorious life of his noble daughter in his work. 
The book Succession of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), written by Wilfred Madelung, studies the succession of the Prophet (pbuh). It is one of the most important works that has mentioned many Shia views on the history of early Islam, presented them based on ancient Islamic texts and has been translated by Ahmad Namayi, M. J. Mahdavi and H. R. Zabet.
The book Sira of Sayyid al-Anbiya wal-Mursalin Muhammad (pbuh) written by Rasoul Jafarian in quite a new style talks about the Prophetic tradition, the celebration of divine rites and blessings that Muslims have neglected.
In the large collection of Encyclopedia of Prophetic Hadiths, the hadiths of the Prophet (pbuh) from monotheism to resurrection, religious rules and ethics have been collected for the first time.
The Prophet of Kindness, written by Hossein Qassemi, while using the main and authoritative sources of hadith and works on conduct of the Prophet (pbuh) tries to present a proper introduction of the Prophet (pbuh), hoping that the society would achieve peace and kindness. 
The book Biography of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) is the name of another work that has been published in 3 volumes and includes a collection of articles written by Western scholars on the biography and validity of works related to the biography of the Prophet (pbuh).
This book is written by Harald Motzki and translated by M. T. Akbari and Abdullah Azimayi, which was prepared and compiled by the Islamic Research Foundation.