Candidates must adhere to ethical conducts of Prophet (pbuh), Infallible Imams (AS) in upcoming elections: AQR chief custodian
Thursday , 03/11/2021 - 12:55
Candidates must adhere to ethical conducts of Prophet (pbuh), Infallible Imams (AS) in upcoming elections: AQR chief custodian
All candidates and nominees for the upcoming presidential elections in Iran must adhere to the conducts of the Prophet (pbuh) of Islam and his family as a model in their election campaigns, says AQR chief custodian Hoj. Ahmad Marvi.

Speaking in the ceremony for renaming a courtyard after the Prophet (pbuh), Marvi introduced law-abiding as the first necessity, saying: “No one should consider himself above law. Non-compliance with the law is the worst act. Breaking law in 2009 presidential elections led to sedition and heavy prices for the country”. 
AQR chief custodian then underscored the importance of observing religious codes and orders during the political competitions. “Political competitions must be accompanied by honesty, trustworthiness and observance of the religious orders. Lies, slanders, deceptions and giving unreal promises to win the votes of the people are in contrast to ethics of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and his family”. 
According to Marvi, the use of unethical methods by any candidate will cause Divine wrath and accountability before God even if such candidate wins the elections.  “All present and future officials have to observe moral standards and they have to be careful about this since the society will model them”. 
Hoj. Marvi introduced meritocracy, abidance by law, avoiding partisanship, and fairness as principles each candidate have to attend to. “Criticism brings life, dynamism and vitality for every society; a society in which there is no criticism will be almost dead. The point is that each criticism must be accompanied by fairness and justice and it should be away from slander”. 
Elsewhere in his remarks, Marvi referred to a piece of special prayer of Eid al-Mab'ath and introduced Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) as a real example of great manifestation of Divine attributes. “The holy existence of the last prophet, Hazrat Mohammad (pbuh), is the extract of all these qualities and he is the real example of great manifestation”. 
AQR chief custodian added: “This great manifestation is so high that prophethood came to end with Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and no mankind now needs a prophet”. 
Marvi introduced Mab’ath as a public invitation to rational, moral and legal education, saying, “The holy prophet of Islam (pbuh) is a full manifestation of moral qualities and standards. These standards serve as new and fresh air for the society’s growth”. 
Marvi said that naming a courtyard after the Holy Prophet (pbuh) is a pretext for reviving traditions attributed to him. “Razavi courtyard was renamed Holy Prophet courtyard; however, this renaming is not just ceremonial. This has been done so that teachings, manners, ethics, and conducts of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) could be stated here.”