AQR has religious responsibility for observing benefactors’ intentions: Endowment official
Saturday , 03/13/2021 - 12:20
AQR has religious responsibility for observing benefactors’ intentions: Endowment official
The officials in charge of endowed properties and lands’ offices across the country have got a religious responsibility with respect to exact conduction of benefactors’ intentions, says head of Astan Quds Razavi’s Endowment Productivity Foundation Malek Rahmati.

Emphasizing the need to strengthen supervision on endowed properties and lands, Rahmati said: “Exact and close supervision on the right observance of the intentions of benefactors will bring important achievements the most important of which are maintaining the endowment, building trust in society and promoting the good tradition of endowment.” 
Referring to the importance of using modern technologies to protect endowments and to increase productivity of lands, Rahmati added: “Some 20 years ago, meant making walls and fences around the lands and properties; today’s methods of protection have got different procedures and programs. Moreover, to increase level of productivity of endowments, it is needed to work with people and to prioritize shared projects”. 
Turning to endowed villages, the official highlighted the need for preparing a model document for development of endowed villages which can be effective in settling problems of many villagers.  
Rahmati brought his speech to end by referring to the importance of working at AQR. “Our final goal in AQR is to give service to the lovers and devotees of Imam Reza (AS) in different places of the country and also to create best pilgrimage environment inside the holy complex. 
Also his deputy, Mortaza Haqiqi, talked about measures taken to boost protection and productivity of endowments: “AQR’s office for endowed properties and lands has had good distance services for the tenants”.
According to him, using new technologies for protection of endowed properties will lead to increased transparency and more coherent planning for the society.