Iran-Europe Intl. Webinar of Cardiologists winds up
Sunday , 03/14/2021 - 11:45
Iran-Europe Intl. Webinar of Cardiologists winds up
The Iran-Europe Intl. Webinar of Cardiologists, a joint work by Razavi Hospital and the TOBI Association of Italy, has come to an end with four live and eight recorded operations with the participation of thousands of domestic and foreign specialists.

Through this webinar, the participants were briefed on the latest scientific findings in cardiology and heart surgery.
The second day of the webinar was held in Italy, focusing on the latest findings in the field of CTO method and performing two live angioplasty operations (opening of chronic coronary artery occlusion) on two patients aged 45 and 52.
Furthermore, four operations (live in the box), which were performed by Iranian cardiologists in the past were broadcast on the second day of the webinar and the techniques used were discussed. More than 400 internal and external cardiac interventions subspecialists followed the topics of the second day for five hours and the scientific board of this session included professors from Iran, Italy, Germany, India and Turkey.
Razavi Hospital has hosted international heart congresses in Mashhad for the past three years with prominent physicians and specialists from the world’s major universities and heart science associations in attendance. This year, however, due to the spread of Covid-19 pandemic in the world, the congress was held virtually in the form of a two-day webinar.