The 20th Iran National Print Industry Festival awards AQR’s print and publishing institute
Monday , 03/15/2021 - 17:00
The 20th Iran National Print Industry Festival awards AQR’s print and publishing institute
Astan Quds Razavi’s Publishing Institute (Behnashr) has been awarded by the 20th Iran National Print Industry Festival as the country’s top print and packing unit, says CEO of the institute, Masoud Farzaneh.

Farzaneh said: “Like previous years, the institute participated in the festival and won national prize of the best unit in print and packing”. 
According to him, the institute was awarded for possessing advanced equipment and machinery for developing different kinds of products and offering full package of to the customers. 
Highlighting cultural aspects including writing style, content, meaning, and aesthetics of the printed items, visualization, volume and impact in social ties are main features of this year’s festival. 
He went on to say: “The printing industry of the country has suffered impacts of sanctions and difficulties related to the coronavirus, but this festival was held in Tehran, while observing health protocols.” 
The CEO of the institute further noted that due to coronavirus restrictions the institute focused on offering proper procedures and consultations to get public away from current crisis rather than mere manufacturing of various products. 
He stated: “With respect to the measures conducted at the center, we managed to get the opinion of the jury and be selected as a superior unit in country's printing industry”. 
Continuing his remarks, he referred to the history of printing in AQR, saying: “AQR has got a long history in printing industry. This issue has been paid attention by all chief custodians in different periods. AQR’s lithographic printing house was established in 1877 in Azadi Courtyard of the holy shrine and it continued its activities for almost half a century”.