AQR’s print institute releases 46 works in foreign languages
Tuesday , 03/16/2021 - 16:12
AQR’s print institute releases 46 works in foreign languages
Astan Quds Razavi has recently published 46 works in Turkish, Arabic, English and Malay languages, says Ahmad Mirzadeh, production deputy at Behnashr (Astan Quds Razavi’s Publishing Institute).

Since 1997, Behnashr has published books on children and adolescent literature, which have received extreme welcome in international exhibitions.
 “Due to our country’s cultural and religious commonalities with Arab and Turkish-speaking countries, some of the best-selling and most popular works of children and adolescents have been translated into Turkish and Arabic in a collection titled Butterfly Books,” he said. 
Referring to the increase in the number of translated works in the last four years, he noted that in the years before 2017, only seven books had been translated into Malay language, but in the last four years the number has reached more than 30 works into Chinese, Turkish, Arabic, English. 
“The 10-volume collection Our Story Became Example written by Mohammad Mirkiani and the selected book of the year of the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the best-selling works published by Behnashr which is translated into Chinese as the world’s most spoken language which includes 220 Iranian stories and parables along with a 106-episode animated series,” he commented.
The eight-volume collection of Claire Joubert’s A Fiction with a Quranic Concept in Turkish by Milad Salmani in Istanbul and into German by the Imam Ali Oslo Mosque Institute is another outstanding work now available to book-readers. “In this book, the author has tried to go over concepts such as lying, backbiting, trustworthiness, truthfulness, peace and reconciliation, snooping, etc., in the form of narrating eight fictional stories,” he noted.
Mirzadeh further introduced the My Strange Moon written by Majid Molla-Mohammadi, saying that the book has been reprinted 10 times and in 37,000 copies so far, and includes the life stories and moral virtues of Imam Reza (AS), narrating his practical and scientific life to teenagers.
Pointing to the translation of works into Malay language, he remarked that Malaysia, as the most populous Islamic country, has a great thirst for Islamic knowledge due to its distance from Islamic centers and lack of content in Islamic themes.
Another successful book by Behnashr is a collection titled The Prophet written by Naqi Soleimani, which tells life story of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in different periods, from birth to old age, which along two other books Before Birth and Childhood will be translated into English,” he said.
According to Mirzadeh, the four-volume collection Thank God and A Fiction with a Quranic Concept and the five-volume collection Hannaneh Tales are other works in children and adolescents category on schedule for translation into Arabic.