AQR unveils Quran attributed to Imam Hussein (AS)
Wednesday , 03/17/2021 - 11:24
AQR unveils Quran attributed to Imam Hussein (AS)

Concurrent with auspicious birth anniversary of Imam Hussein (AS) and the 78th program of Imam Reza holy shrine’s scientific-cultural Tuesdays, Astan Quds Razavi has unveiled a copy of hand-written Quran attributed to Imam Hussein (AS). 
This holy copy of Quran, in Kufic style of writing, has seven lines on each page. It has been written on animal skin using black ink. The piece starts with verse 75 of al-Kahf and ends with verse 135 of Taha surahs. 
Inflexions are among notable features of this Quran which provide readers and reciters with double guidance in words with probability of mistaken reading. 
The headings of surahs and number of verses have been written with golden Kufic style and back color writing respectively.  The last page bears the signature of the Imam as “Writing of Hussein Ibn Ali”. 
This precious copy of a piece of Quran has been written on 41 papers with a two-side cover made up of animal skin. It has also been adorned by mosaic works of different shapes including the shape of sun with golden configurations accompanied by a chart on every first page. 
Examining different aspect of this copy of Quran, Seyyed Mohammad Reza Rezapour, an expert of manuscripts and Quranic sciences, said: “Knowledge of drawing, recording, writing, and number of verses are among the most important characteristics based on which Quranic texts are evaluated”. 
He said that no version of the Holy Quran from the first century of Islam’s history can be attributed to Infallible Imams (AS) with certainty. 
According to him copies of the Holy Quran belonging to the first century AH are kept under attribution to Imams (AS) both at AQR museum and those of other Muslim nations.