AQR business company produces over 20 perfumes with Razavi brand
Wednesday , 03/31/2021 - 10:03
AQR business company produces over 20 perfumes with Razavi brand

Razavi Business Company, affiliated to Astan Quds Razavi, has successfully produced more than 20 perfumes with brand of Razavi during last Persian calendar year (ending March 21), says CEO of the company Mahdi Jafarnejad. 
Referring to the eagerness of millions of pilgrims of Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine for taking Razavi perfumes as souvenirs, Jafarnejad said: “To meet this need of the pilgrims, Razavi Business Company began to produce new perfumes based on international standards and under the supervision of Iran’s Food and Drug Administration”. 
He added: “These new items have been produced for both men and women in different scents”. 
According to Jafarnejad, lack of proper management in perfume markets around the holy shrine had led to production and distribution of different fake perfumes. “Some of these fake perfumes caused health problems for the pilgrims; therefore, in order to protect pilgrims’ health, official production and supply of Razavi perfume was put on the agenda”. 
Jafarnejad went on to say: “All these new productions have obtained Food and Drug Administration’s health certificates. The project complemented the basket of Razavi souvenirs and provided direct and indirect employments for around 45 people”.  
Regarding the company’s programs for exports, Jafarnejad said: “Branding Razavi perfume and fixing its share in the souvenir basket of each family, full localization of the product, production of unique bottles for Razavi perfumes, development of perfume distribution centers and shops, and planning for export to Shia Muslim countries are among future programs of Razavi Business Company in the new Persian year.