Americans among top users of AQR Digital Library
Sunday , 04/04/2021 - 21:17
Americans among top users of AQR Digital Library
Following Iranians, users from the United States of America constitute the first group to visit Astan Quds Razavi’s Digital Library, says Ali Zarrabi manager of the library.

Referring to the developments of the center during coronavirus pandemic, Zarrabi pointed to statistics on visits to library’s pages, saying: “In the last month leading to the new Persian calendar year (falling on March 20), webpages of AQR’s Digital Library were visited for over 11 thousand and 733 times”. 
He introduced users from the United States, Tajikistan, and Britain as main groups of library’s visitors after Iranians. “France, Canada, UAE, Egypt, China, and Germany have got other positions respectively”. 
Over a decade after its establishment, AQR’s Digital Library is among Iran’s best libraries of this kind. “This center has been able to digitalize millions of works based on scientific methods; it has also compiled a large number of digital reference books for interested people”. 
Those information sources of the library which are free from copy right are available free of charge to all researchers from around the world Other works subject to copy right are handed over to real people only at study rooms of AQR’s Digital Library throughout the country as well as through library’s document delivery service. 

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