Wise Sayings from Imam Reza (AS)

Tuesday , 04/27/2021 - 14:00

Choosing a number of words of wisdom of that magnanimous Imam is difficult from amidst the thousands of traditions; however, it is tried taking advantage of genuine sources as a precious gift from the learned person of the Prophet’s household (pbuh) to be dedicated to lovers of virtue and spirituality.  
•    Rayyan b. Salt says, “I said to Imam Reza, ‘O’ Son of the Messenger of God, what do you say about the Quran?’ He said: “It is the word of Allah, do not go beyond it, and you do not seek guidance other than that or you are misled.”
•    The Imam is away from the sins and the defects, the [true] knowledge belongs to him and tolerance is his [clear] sign, he is the pillar of religion and the reason for the dignity and authority of the Muslims, resentment of the hypocrites and the annihilation of the unbelievers.
•    Whoever knows himself of us, and he does not obey the God would not belong to us, and if you obey the God you are one of us, the household of the Prophet (pbuh).
•    Imam Abu al-al-Hassan al-Reza (AS) in Neishabour, in response to the demands of the great scholars of the land, including Ishaq b. Rahway narrated from his fathers, from Imam Ali (AS), who said: “I heard that the Prophet (pbuh) said: ‘I heard that Almighty God said: ‘there is no god except Allah’ is my fortress, so that everyone in it will be safeguarded from my punishment.’” And when his horse moved, His Holiness told us: “But yet on some conditions, and I am one of the conditions.”
•    Whosoever wants to be the most powerful of people, should trust in God. It was asked what trust was? “Do not be afraid of others than God”, he said.
•    Have good belief in God, because whoever does so, God will act with him according to his belief. And whoever is satisfied with little sustenance, God accepts his little deeds, and whoever is satisfied with little lawful livelihood will reduce his suffering and his family shall live comfortably, and God would get him acquainted with the pain of the world and the healing, and shall bring him out of the world [to the Hereafter] safely.
•    No servant completes the truth of his faith unless he has three characteristics: religiosity, good planning for sustenance, and patience in afflictions and calamities.
•    The intellect of no Muslim is complete until he has ten qualities; there is hope in his goodness; no harm comes out of him; considers the little good in others much; considers his good as little; whatever he is asked, would not get tired; would not be exhausted in seeking knowledge all through his life; poverty in the path of God is more pleasant to him than wealth; humiliation on the path of God is more valuable to him than finding dignity through his enemy; seeks anonymity more than fame etc.
•    No pleasure is sweeter than good temperament, and no wealth is more beneficial than contentment, and no ignorance is more harmful than self-conceit. Whoever is not grateful to the blessings of the people, [in fact] has not showed gratitude to God, the Exalted and Glorious.
•    Loving people is half of wisdom.