Followers of Imam Ali (AS) not indifferent to Zionists’ crimes: AQR custodian
Thursday , 05/06/2021 - 21:30
Followers of Imam Ali (AS) not indifferent to Zionists’ crimes: AQR custodian
A follower of Imam Ali’s (AS) school of thought cannot be indifferent to crimes committed by the Zionists against innocent Palestinians, says Astan Quds Razavi’s chief custodian Hoj. Ahmad Marvi in a Quranic meeting at Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine.

Hoj. Marvi said: “International Quds Day has been a day for Muslims’ rage against the Zionism; a fake regime which has occupied first Qibla of Muslims under the false pretext of The Holocaust”. 
He added: “Resistance against suppression is part of Imam Ali’s (AS) school of thought. The man who once said ‘If a Muslim dies of a regret for an insult toward a Jewish woman, there is no room to blame him’”.
He further asked: “Is insulting a Jewish girl a crime larger than occupation of the first Qibla of Muslims and decades of oppression, murder and crimes against the oppressed people of Palestine?”
AQR chief custodian went on to say: “Lovers and followers of Imam Ali (AS) cannot be silent against the Zionists and their supporters particularly the US”.
He introduced Quds Day as most distinguished legacy of Imam Khomeini (RA), saying: “It is now two years that we are deprived of participation in Quds Day rally which is in fact respecting divine rites; this restriction must not stop our rage and hatred toward Zionists’ fake regime”. 
 Saying that Zionist regime has been alive due to direct supports of the Global Arrogance, AQR chief custodian said: “They do not have any power without these supports and if the supports are stopped, they cannot continue their lives for even one single day”. 
Concluding his remarks Marvi called zealous resistance of the Palestinian young people against the Zionist regime a promising bright future and a victory for the Palestinians.