Major Goals

By virtue of its missions, Astan Quds Razavi pursues various goals and objectives, the most outstanding ones are the following:

1-    Development and institutionalization of Islamic lifestyle and sciences, Imam Reza’s lifestyle in particular, in individual, social and civilizational level
2-    Facilitating desirable pilgrimage for the pilgrims and neighbors
3-    Institutionalization of the culture of knowledge-based pilgrimage
4-    Offering social services to the needy pilgrims and neighbors with the aim of empowering them
5-    Gaining name and prestige in meeting the demands of all addressees through quality, comprehensive and effective contents on Imam Reza’s character, sciences and culture
6-    Easing accessibility of the addressees to rich and updated artistic, cultural and scientific products on Imamate (Islamic leadership) and pilgrimage
7-    Applying an innovative and efficient system in creation, presentation and management of scientific, cultural and artistic contents, products and services
8-    Incentivizing public trust and partnership, and promoting social capital
9-    Boosting productivity of donations and endowments as well as creating a balance between resources and uses based on the deeds of endowments
10-    Modulation and boosting productivity of economic and service enterprises as well as administrative systems