General Policies

Astan Quds Razavi has adopted some general policies to better fulfil its missions, key among them are the following:

1-    Observing Sharia principles and precepts, safeguarding the status and spiritual prestige of Astan Quds Razavi in all areas
2-    Coordinating and conforming orientations and measures with principles of Islamic Revolution, Constitutional Law, general policies of the I. R. of Iran, Leader’s guidelines, “Second Phase of the Revolution” statement and pertinent regulations
3-    Promoting pilgrimage and placing the principle of pilgrim-orientation atop all AQR affairs
4-    Protection and preservation, boosting productivity and development of endowments, and optimal use of endowed properties’ income according to endowment deeds
5-    Maximum use of public potentials and contributions, and avoiding AQR sole governance in administration of the affairs
6-    Establishment of Islamic and revolutionary fundamental values on political activities and stances while fully observing AQR codes of conduct and maximum cooperation with people of diversified intellectual, political and social tendencies
7-    Constant relations and interactions with the elite forces interested in Imam Reza (AS) and with strong belief in Islamic Revolution’s principles
8-    Inviting the believing, revolutionary, efficient and eager manpower for cooperation
9-    Dynamism, creativity, innovation, and organizational development through intelligent monitoring systems, efficient planning, product and service value chain in various fields
10-    Synergy of potentials and advantages of the endowments and donations in cultural, scientific, economic, and social areas, and development of these activities through the use of mass media, cyberspace and information technology
11-    Adherence to the programs, strict observance of administrative and financial discipline, and observing notified rules and regulations
12-    Observing transparency and showing befitting and on-time responsiveness
13-    Cooperation with theological schools and the clerics
14-    Due cooperation with governmental organizations proportionate to Astan Quds Razavi’s missions