AQR takes great steps to manage water resources, help country’s self-sufficiency
Thursday , 05/27/2021 - 14:59
AQR takes great steps to manage water resources, help country’s self-sufficiency
Astan Quds Razavi’s agriculture companies have taken great steps to manage water resources of the country and to help Iran reach self-sufficiency in food production, taking into account severe droughts and significance decrease in rainfalls as well as country’s attention to food security.

AQR’s agriculture and industry centers have been a pioneer in development of modern irrigation systems and they are now trying to employ latest generation of irrigation systems for agricultural fields so that a fundamental evolution can be formed in reduction of water consumption in agriculture. Following approval at technical commission of the agriculture company of AQR, the first phase of this project will be conducted in AQR lands in June.
Razavi Agriculture Company director Mahmoud Sadeqi said: “The project has been financed by domestic sources. The designing and implementation of the project will be done by Iranian Telecommunication Manufacturing Company (ITMC)”.
He added: “We hope to take firm steps to manage water resources of the country following successful implementation of the pilot phase of this project”.  
Sadeqi said: “With respect to strategic nature of sugar beet for the country, smart irrigation projects will be implemented in the cultivated lands of sugar beet to discover how much water needed per acre”.
Director of Razavi Agriculture Company also said: “If anticipated efficiency is fulfilled and technical committee is satisfied with the pilot phase, the same project will be conducted at minimum 100 hectares of AQR’s lands”.
Also Mahdi Jafaei, water resources expert of Razavi Agriculture Company said: “The strategy of the smart irrigation system is to pay attention to optimal use of water resources and to increase productivity by using new technologies such as the internet of things (IOT) which play a very pivotal role. This system is designed in the context of internet of things. In fact, we use this technology online to measure and analyze all vital and physical signals of the plant.”
Stating that the new smart irrigation system is 98 percent efficient, he said: “This level of efficiency is a direct result of great understanding of plant’s need to water and also optimal employment of meteorology which is really useful”.